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It’s a cake to be relished, savored, and enjoyed to the fullest. A slice of premium butter cake for your true indulgence!  

Malaysia's No.1 Premium Butter Cake

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Cakes that we are famous for, we are
warning you, it’s addictive

We Gave Butter
Cake A Makeover


We believe that butter cake can be so much more than it already is, and we’ve been working hard to prove that with our delicious treats. We use only the finest ingredients—including local, omega-3 eggs and fresh, whole milk—to make our cakes as rich and creamy as possible. Our cakes are made from scratch daily in small batches for optimal freshness and taste.

Excellent taste

You will only find these exclusive tantalising taste here at Diana's.

Perfect Gift

Looking for something for someone special? A cake to our store is a perfect idea!

Purely Handmade

We offer the best quality of handmake cakes in the market online which you'll hardly find in the market.

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27 / 10

“The taste is like no other
butter cakes that I have had

━ Marry ann, Selangor

07 / 12

“Nobody warned me not
to try it with ice cream,
now im addicted”

━ Joseph pang, Selangor

16 / 12

“This is by far the most delicious cakes I have ever eaten.

━ Ernie Chen, Selangor